You can use the following links to see what’s going on in our area of the north central Pacific Ocean. Here’s the latest NOAA satellite picture – the latest looping satellite image…and finally the latest looping radar image for the Hawaiian Islands.

Here’s the latest
weather chart …covering the Pacific Ocean

Hawaii’s MountainsHere’s a link to the live web cam on the summit of near 13,800 foot Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. This web cam is available during the daylight hours here in the islands…and when there’s a big moon shining down during the night at times. Plus, during the nights you will be able to see stars, and the sunrise and sunset too… depending upon weather conditions. Here’s the Haleakala Crater webcam on Maui – if it’s working.



Aloha Paragraphs

I will be on vacation to the mainland from July 16th to August 6th

In my absence, you can get the latest weather information
clicking on the links for the island forecasts…on the
left hand margin of this page – below where
it reads
Glenn’s Daily Weather Narrative

I will provide a travelogue of my activities from southern
California, and then up to Oregon…and back to
California while away. These writings will appear below: 

July 16th –  I fly out of the Kahului, Maui airport today, on my way to Los Angeles. I’ll take a shuttle down to Long Beach, to my Mom’s house when I get in. My brother Steve will have flown in from Texas today as well, and they’ll both be waiting for my arrival. So, its a travel day, the first day of my summer vacation, the first vacation I’ve taken this time of year…in a very long time. As far as a broad brush overview of my agenda, it will include a week in southern California, a week in Oregon, and a week in northern California. I’ll fill in these weeks further, often by the day when I can, letting you know what I’m up to, and where I’m at…along this three week period.

By the way, I’ll be keeping an eye on the weather here in the Hawaiian Islands, looking for tropical cyclones that might be approaching. The 2013 hurricane season here in the central Pacific, is expected to be less active than normal…so I’m not expecting any trouble. Nonetheless, if one of these tropical systems does become active somewhere to our east, I’ll come online more often and give updates. Otherwise, this time of year I’d expect the wonderful trade winds to be blowing each day. High temperatures near sea level will run in the 80F’s to near 90 at those warmest places. As far as low temperatures near the ocean, they will generally range between 70-75 degrees for the most part.

As I mentioned just below the picture above, you can access the very latest weather forecast for each of the islands. Just click on the island you’re looking for, then on the map for the specific area, and your forecast out through the next week will appear. These forecasts get updated several times a day, so you will have everything you need to know right there. I’ll be back each day, or every couple of days, with news about my ongoing adventures. I’ll just keep posting those updates as I find the time and an available computer to use along the way. Here’s wishing you all kinds of good weather, and everything else for that matter, whether you’re here in the islands, or elsewhere around this round globe of ours. Aloha for now…Glenn.

July 18th –
Hi again, I’m here at my Mom’s house in Long Beach, and the flight from Maui to Los Angeles was the quickest, and most easy possible. When I walked out of the airport in LA, I literally got right onto a shuttle, which took me to my Mom’s house. She and my brother Steve were outside waiting, as I had been texting them along the way from the airport. We stayed up until almost 1am visiting, and catching up with each other.

The next day, which was yesterday at the time of this writing, we spent together talking and talking the whole day, which was very enjoyable! This morning, my Sister Judy is coming over for lunch before she goes to work, bringing one of her sons with her. Her husband, and their other son, and my brother will go golfing in the afternoon. So, it will be another day of family relations, likely ending up in front of the TV set to watch my Mom’s favorite program, called Doc Martin…a British comedy. By the way, the weather has been great, although after reaching almost 90F degrees yesterday, it was a bit too warm for me.

I got up early this morning and took a quick paced walk around the neighborhood, and the temperature was just perfect, with just a few high cirrus clouds on the eastern horizon. I just checked with the hurricane centers in Miami and Honolulu, and there were no tropical cyclones brewing in the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, or the eastern and central Pacific Ocean.  Ok then, or as we say in the islands, kden, that’s all for this quick update from southern California. I hope things are going well for you wherever you happen to be at the moment. I’ll be back in a day or two with another bit of information about my first week here in California. Aloha for now…Glenn.

July 20th – My brother Steve, and my Mom and I continue to enjoy hanging out together. We spend several hours each day working out in the yard, and have all our meals together. One of my brothers and my favorite things to do, is to toss a soft ball back and forth to each other in the driveway, like we used to do as kids…which we do several times each day. Towards sunset we sit out in the patio with the two cats that live here, and sip on a beer or a glass of wine. My sister Judy comes over for lunch each day before work, which gives us about an hour together with her too. We still have another 2-3 days together, before my brother flies back to Texas, and I fly north to Portland, Oregon. It’s a precious time, and I am appreciating it greatly…from the early morning after I get back from my fast walk, until I go to bed, leaving them to watch a bit more TV.

The weather had been sunny and warm since we arrived, topping out in the upper 80F’s one afternoon. There’s a surge of upper and middle level moisture moving up over southern California now, which has caused cloudy skies today, with even a few periods of light showers falling at times. The NWS office in Los Angeles is giving small chances of a few thunderstorms  flaring up over the next couple of days, which would be fine with me.  I’ve been cooking dinners for us the last few nights, with tonight’s menu featuring homemade  pasta…the base of which includes the tomatoes my Mom grew in the backyard. In the mornings, my brother goes out to get a cup of coffee, and to grab a few donuts, before heading down to Seal Beach to look at the ocean. Its such a pleasure to spend time with my family! I’ll return one or two more times here, before I leave, to give a few more paragraphs of information about life here in Long Beach. I hope you’re enjoying yourselves wherever you happen to be at the moment. Aloha for now…Glenn.

July 23th – We’ll…the first part of my three part vacation to California and Oregon is coming to an end. I spent a great week here in Southern California with my family! Today I’ll pack up my things and head to the Long Beach airport, for my flight up to Portland, Oregon.  My friend Bob will pick me up at the Portland airport, and as far as I know we’ll take right off on the drive over to Bend. This will be my first time to Bend, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. However, Bob was there a month or so ago, and totally fell in love that high desert area. We’ll be staying at his cousins home, who lives on a hilltop, with great views of the surrounding area. We’ll arrive there in time for dinner, and she said that she’ll open her wine cellar too. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about Bend, and our time with Bob’s three female cousins…who all live in that same area too. I’m expecting to have a computer to use there, so I’ll be back in a day or two with my next update. I’ve been following the weather forecast for that part of Oregon, and I’m hoping for a few thunderstorms to enjoy! Here’s wishing you all well wherever you’re spending your time this summer. Aloha for now…Glenn.

July 25th –
Hi again, I’m up here on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon…in the wonderful small town of Bend. Bob picked me up at the Portland airport, and as expected, we drove straight away to his cousin Ann’s house. She had her bbq going out on the deck, with a bottle of red wine popped. We sat out in the balmy night just talking and enjoying each others company. The next morning we met out on the deck again for coffee, and settling on a plan for the day, before having an oatmeal, fresh berry, yogurt breakfast. Bob’s other lady cousin showed up, which of course was Ann’s sister…Pat. Pat brought another lady friend of hers, named Mary, who turned out to be a birder. We all piled into a couple of cars, and headed up close to the Mount Bachelor area, where we parked.

This hike was a near six mile loop trail, which took us up to Moraine Lake, where we had lunch, and cooled our feet in the chilly water. By the way, there were still a few patches of snow next to the trail! We finished this hike and drove over to Elk Lake, and sat outside next to the resort there, enjoying a cold ale and talking for about an hour. We then drove back to Bend, took a short nap, and freshened up before walking into town for dinner. It was then time to dance outside at a cool place, where a band was playing on the shore of the Deschutes River. There were Otters, Osprey’s, and Snow Geese around, all the while a stunning sunset was happening, in other words…it was the perfect end to the day! We walked back to Ann’s in the dark, and once again sat outside and talked for an hour or so before hitting the hay. It’s now the next morning, and we have another hike, and then kayaking, followed by a dinner and more dancing on tap. I’ll get back to you soon, likely tomorrow morning, with another update. Update: I just added some information below, for both tropical cyclone Flossie, which is heading towards the Hawaiian Islands…and Dorian out in the Atlantic, which is heading towards the Caribbean Islands. Aloha, Glenn.

July 27th – Hello, on this last day of our visit to Bend, with clear skies and a somewhat cooler breeze starting things off. Looking back to yesterday, Ann, Bob and I had breakfast at a great little place called Chow. Bob and I then took off by ourselves to a place called the High Desert Museum, which was very cool, although the weather was hot. We then drove Lake Paulina, where we sat out an had lunch, and just enjoyed the peaceful nature of that location. We drove up higher from there, and got an even more impressive view of the landscape. We headed back to Anne’s in Bend, and got ready to head a bit north to Ann’s other sister, besides Pat…whose name is Sue. I was fascinated by her place, which was out in the country on 1 1/2 acres. She had horses, and is actually a Farrier…a person who shoes horses. She had her bbq going, and we had a wonderful dinner outside, with the three sisters, Bob and I. We stayed outside at the table talking until after dark, before heading back to Ann’s. There, she popped a great bottle of red wine, and we sat up late talking about hiking and backpacking equipment.

Bob and I are heading southwest in a few minutes, towards Crater Lake, in the Cascade Mountains. We plan on spending the night outside somewhere in that area, before heading over to the coast near Crescent City and Arcata…California. We’ll camp out again that night, likely a few miles inland along a river, to avoid the common low clouds and fog that are likely hugging the coast. We high-tail it down south to Point Arena the next day, ending up at our vacation rental just south of there. I should be able to catch up with you again there, as we’re suppose to have connectivity, and we’ll be there three nights. ~~~ As I mentioned above in the Update, the folks in Hawaii should be keeping an eye on tropical cyclone Flossie. At the time of this writing, the National Weather Service is suggesting that she will impact the state with time. I have added links just down the page which should allow you to keep track of the latest forecasts. Be well wherever you’re spending your time now! Aloha for now…Glenn

July 30th – Since Bob and I left Bend, Oregon, we traveled down to Crater Lake, and found it to be as beautiful and incredible as expected! We hung out for a while, having lunch while sitting gazing down onto that huge lake of blue water. We then took off, not actually knowing where we were headed, although knowing we wanted to head southwest towards the far northwest corner of northern California. We ended up finding a wonderful camp spot right on the Rogue River…still in Oregon. I’d never been to this river, but had always wanted to check it out. The weather was in the lower 80’s, so I jumped into that 52 degree water…brrrr. This night was the first time that I’d camped out, and slept on the ground in a couple of years. The next morning we headed out for coffee and breakfast, and to get down into California. We found another great campsite, this time in the wonderful Humboldt Redwood State Park. We got a small fire going, and sat up sipping on a bottle of red wine, while talking about everything under the sun…I mean stars. This morning we left there early and made our way down the coast into Mendocino County.

We’re now at our vacation rental called The Moon Star House, which is right on a bluff overlooking the ocean. There’s a hot tub out on the deck, which I’m about to jump into. There’s a wood burning stove, and we have it on lightly…appropriate as the the outside air temperature is only 57F degrees, under cloudy skies. It’s been cloudy and foggy the entire time we’ve been here so far, with the temperatures ranging between 53-59 degrees. While sitting out in the hot tub, I spied an Osprey carrying a fish in his talons flying by low. At another time we saw three bald eagles diving at each other just offshore!

July 31st – It’s just wonderful here, located just south of the small town of Point Arena. I’ve been watching Pelicans, Sea Gulls, Bats at sunset, a Scrub Jay that flies to within 3-4 feet of us on the deck….among various other birds flying by. I saw a whale spout offshore last evening, and three seals swimming by this morning. Speaking of last evening, there was one of the best sunsets that I’ve ever seen…just phenomenal! The day dawned lightly cloudy, and has cleared to some extent a bit later. I can see white caps not far offshore, which will keep things cool again today. Bob and I will be heading back up north to just south of the town of Mendocino today, as we hike up the Big River. We plan on stopping off on the way back down south, at one of our favorite beaches in the small community of Elk. We’re currently sitting here having breakfast, after being out in the hot tub around sunrise. We’re listening to Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and others this morning…although last night we had on the Rolling Stones, and Fleetwood Mac, turning off the lights, and dancing around for almost an hour – really fun!

August 1 – It’s our last day here on the Mendocino coast, which always feels a little funny, in an attached sort of way. Let me back track to yesterday before I forge ahead. As always Bob and I began the day in our bluff-side hot tub. It’s always before the sun comes up, and we just sit there and watch the natural show…which is just so lovely! Eventually one of us goes and prepares the morning java brew, and brings down a couple of cups. This dark roast coffee sets our mouths in motion, with such enjoyable conversations accompanying the early morning. These conversational strings go all over the map, and since we’re both geographers (we went to college together back in the early 70’s), they often are about the ocean out front, the trees, the weather, the bird life…which quickly expands into all of nature and well beyond. While I was in college, I got a second degree in humanistic psychology, so I typically bring in new aspects of diversity around the edges of these talks.

At any rate, back to beyond the hot tub yesterday. We had a nice breakfast, and took off quite early to points north of here. Cruising through the small town of Point Arena is always fun, before driving even further north to Big River…just below the artistic town of Mendocino. We walked deep into the woods along this great river, checking out the Douglas Firs, Redwoods, Grand Fir, Alder, Tanbark Oak, Bay Laurel…and of course the ever present infamous Poison Oak. The temperature was perfect, around 64F degrees, and for the first day since we arrived, it was sunny. We then headed south along Hwy 1 to the very small town of Elk, and walked down to the big beach there. We spent a good long time there walking in the sand barefoot, and watching the waves break, before heading back to our place. We popped a bottle of really good Zinfandel wine, called Steele 2007 Mendocino Zinfandel – Pacini Vineyard. Towards sunset we drove down to our favorite restaurant on this coast, St. Orres. We sat outside on the deck, no one else was out there, and enjoyed more light-hearted chatting over a cocktail and dinner.

This brings us back to the beginning of this update, and in turn the end of these four days here on the immediate coast. At the moment, and it’s before 9am, we’re eating breakfast, and listening to the Rolling Stones song – Miss You (dance version)…turned up full blast! We’ll leave the Moonstar House, and roll down Hwy 1 to Jenner, then heading inland along the Russian River to Sebastopol. We’ll end up at my friend Greg’s place, where another friend Susan is living now too. More about that next phase soon. Aloha for now…Glenn. 

August 2 –
We reluctantly left the Moonstar House, heading down Hwy 1 to Jenner, enjoying the coast enormously along the way. We drove to Whole Foods in Sebastopol, buying a few things, including a big mound of organic salad for me. We then headed west to Greg’s house, meeting our mutual friend Susan there, with a good reunion. Greg arrived shortly thereafter, and we all had a fun time together. We went out to dinner in Sebastopol, with great conversation over good food…and a nice bottle of red wine. I chose sleeping outside over taking one of the bedrooms at Greg’s, enjoying the stars, and the early morning bird songs. Bob came outside early in the morning, and I was just getting up then too. We took a great walk just as the sun rose, along with a beautiful display of fog rolling in among the surrounding hills.

Greg, Gillian, Julian, Bob, Susan and I all went out to breakfast in Graton the next morning, with more visiting. Susan, Bob and I drove over to Occidental after that, and up and over Coleman Valley Road to the coast. We hung out at Salmon Creek Beach for awhile, in the cold wind, before heading back inland to Greg’s. We had a cup of coffee, more talking, and finally left, heading over to Petaluma to Highway 101. We ended up at my friend Elaine’s house in Marin, where there were two deer in the backyard, and a wild bird flying around in the upstairs bedroom. We just got back from dinner with another friend, Kathy, who joined us here. Bob and I  spend the night here in San Rafael, and we’re all planning on driving out to Stinson Beach soon. I’ll catch up with you at my next opportunity, be well until then, Aloha…Glenn.

August 4 – Bob, Elaine, Kathy and I enjoyed a very nice meal and wine together at Il Fornaio, in Corte Madera. Elaine had a visitor staying at her place, so Bob and I spent the night at Kathy’s, and I tried sleeping outside, although a mosquito drove me back into the house. I was the first person up the next morning, so I took a nice walk around the area, looking at all the interesting, expensive houses, and lovely landscapes. Bob and I went out to a breakfast place called Woodland Cafe in a little town called Greenbrae, which was really nice. Bob ended up leaving, as he missed his kids and grandkids, so Kathy and I went out on an incredible walk on Mount Tamalpais.  Elaine, Kathy and I met again for dinner, this time at another great restaurant called Pico…in Larkspur.

This morning I had a little time while Kathy was out walking her dog, so I got back online to see about the tropical cyclones in the Pacific now. I’ve been doing my best to keep up with them, although its tough when you’re on the move, and out of range some of the time! At any rate, Kathy and I went to the San Rafael farmer’s market this morning, and bought some great stuff. We’re about to go out for another of our long walks soon, and then come back and have a great dinner with fresh Ling Cod, corn, zucchini and salad, complete with a nice glass of Washington State red wine.  Tomorrow is my last full day away, and Elaine and I are planning on driving out to Stinson Beach for the day, I’ll catch up with you probably once more before I fly back to Maui on the 6th. Best to you all! Aloha for now…Glenn.

August 6 – Hi again, the last few days have been a bit of a blur, great fun too! Yesterday I started off the day with yet another long walk, this time in the hills of San Rafael, looking at all the fancy homes, and fabulous gardens and trees. My friend Elaine picked me up at Kathy’s, and we drove out to Stinson Beach, where she will soon be opening a shop in the center of this very small community…right on Highway 1. Then we drove out along Tomalas Bay, where we had a wonderful lunch, sitting outside on hay bales. This was the first time that we had time to really catch up in so many years. The redwood trees, and all the trees were so large out that way, and driving through the fog and then sunny skies, back and forth, felt like a dream come true for me. She brought me back to Kathy’s, where we sat outside for a while, and had a nice chat. Kathy and I went and bought a great bottle of Rombauer Vineyards 2010 Zinfandel, which was very jammy and rich. We had a candle light dinner of red sauce pasta and salad, which was a wonderful last supper here on the mainland. It’s this morning now, and I’m drinking coffee, while slowly packing. I’ll take the Marin Airporter down to the San Francisco airport, for my flight back to Kahului, Maui. My next door neighbors will pick me up, and whisk me back up into upper Kula, for my soft landing back home. I’ll fire up my computer shortly thereafter, and begin the daily updating of this website again. I’ll be focusing on both tropical cyclones Gil and Henriette, neither of which has me worrying by the way. At any rate, I’ll be back soon, after a most wonderful summer vacation! Aloha for now…Glenn.

Tropical cyclone 07E (Gill) remains active in the central Pacific, along with tropical cyclone 08E (Henriette)…in the eastern Pacific…with more information below.

World-wide tropical cyclone activity:

Atlantic Ocean: 

Caribbean Sea:

Gulf of Mexico: 

Here’s the link to the National Hurricane Center (NHC)

Eastern Pacific:
Tropical cyclone Henriette remains active, here’s a graphical track map, along with a satellite image. Here’s what the hurricane models are showing for this tropical system.

Here’s a satellite image showing TC 08E (hurricane Henriette)


Here’s a wide satellite image that covers the entire area between Mexico, out through the central Pacific…to the International Dateline.

Here’s a link for the NHC covering the eastern Pacific Ocean

Central Pacific Ocean: 
Post-topical cyclone Gil is dissipating, here’s a graphical track map, along with a satellite image. 

Here’s a link to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC)…covering our central Pacific.


Western Pacific Ocean: Tropical cyclone 10W (Mangkhut) is active in the South China Sea. Here’s a JTWC graphical track map, along with a satellite image. – This is the last Advisory

South Pacific Ocean: 


North and South Indian Oceans:

Here’s a link to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)