Hawaii Surf Reports/Forecasts

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Hawaii Surf Report/Forecast

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  May 29-30
, 2024

:  Surf along exposed south-facing shores will remain small throughout much of the week, mainly due to a combination of background south-southwest and southeast swell energy. An upward trend is expected from Friday through the first week of June, due to overlapping south-southwest swells. Surf along exposed east-facing shores will remain small and choppy throughout the week as the trades persist. Surf along north-facing shores will remain near the summertime average each day, with only small background northwest pulses expected, and then potentially by the weekend.  

Maui Beaches
Hana:                                                                1-2      (measured in feet)
Hookipa:                                                           1  
Kanaha:                                                            0-1  
Kihei/Wailea:                                                  1/2-1  
Maalaea Bay:                                                   1+
Lahaina:                                                           1-2  
Upper West:                                                     1/2

Oahu Beaches
North Shore:                                                   0-1
West Shore:                                                     1+
South Shores:                                                 1-2
East Shores:                                                    1-2

Big Island
North Shore:                                                       0-1
West Shore:                                                          1
South Shores:                                                      1-2
East Shores:                                                        1-2

North Shore:                                                    0-1
West Shore:                                                      1+
South Shore:                                                     1+
East Shore:                                                        1+

>>> The actual wave face sizes are about twice the numbers noted above

Buoys surrounding the islands
    Island swell shadow lines for Kauai
Island swell shadow lines for Oahu
Island swell shadow lines for Maui
Island swell shadow lines for Big Island

NOAA Wave Model – animated
Oceanweather wave model

Stormsurf swell model – the Pacific
Stormsurf wave model – local Hawaiian Islands

Tides for Hawaii