Hawaii Windsurf & Kitesurfing Report

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Hawaii Windsurf & Kitesurfing Report


 May 26-27, 2016

Here’s the latest (automatically updated) weather map showing
high pressure systems to the northeast and north-northwest. At the same time, there’s a fragmenting cold front/trough offshore to the north of Hawaii. This front won’t get closer, not reaching our island chain, although the trough will move over the state temporarily. Trade winds will fade in many areas, with daytime sea breezes taking over. Winds will head around to the southeast Friday.
North and East Shores:  Winds…light into Friday
South and West shores:  Winds…light into Friday

Extended Forecast: 
Light winds during the second half of the week, veering to the southeast and even south by the weekend…trade winds likely beginning again Monday onward, although on the light side of the wind spectrum