Hawaii Windsurf & Kitesurfing Report

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Hawaii Windsurf & Kitesurfing Report


 May 2-3, 2016

Here’s the latest (automatically updated) weather map showing a moderately strong, near 1031 millibar
high pressure system to the north, moving eastward. This cell’s associated ridge is offshore to the north and northwest. At the same time, there’s a low pressure system far to the northeast, with the tail-end of associated cold front draping southwest, not too far north of Kauai. There’s another cold front well to the northwest of the state as well. Our winds will be blowing from the trade wind direction through Tuesday.
North and East Shores:  Trade winds
South and West shores:  Trade winds

Extended Forecast: 
We should see moderately strong trade winds blowing through Thursday…with the usual variations in strength and direction on a daily basis. Our local winds may ease up Friday into next weekend, and perhaps even turn southeasterly in the process.