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Surf Report/Forecast


September 30 – October 1, 2014

Maui Beaches
Hana:   1-2
Hookipa:  Rising Webcam at Hookipa Beach Park
Kanaha: Rising Webcam at Spreckelsville
Kihei:  1-2 Kihei Beach Cam
Maalaea Bay: 2
Lahaina: 2-3 Lahaina Harbor live webcam
Upper West:  3+

Oahu Beaches
North Shore: Rising
West Shore:  2+
South Shores: 2-3
East Shores: 1-2

Big Island
North Shore:  Rising
West Shore:  2
South Shores:  2-3
East Shores: 1-2

North Shore:  Rising
West Shore: 2+
South Shores: 2+
East Shores: 1-2

>South shores – Small south swell waves continuing…somewhat larger through Thursday

>West shores
South swell waves, along with somewhat larger northwest swell waves

>East shores –  Small

>North shores
-   Starting off small, then rising as a northwest swell into Thursday…rising again, although smaller Friday

Note:  Wave face sizes are approximately twice the surf forecast numbers indicated in the tables above.

Buoy 51000  Buoy 51100  Buoy 51003  Buoy 51004
Waimea Buoy Kailua Buoy Lanai Buoy Barbers Point #2 Pauwela, Maui Hilo Bay Buoy Kaneohe Bay Buoy Hanalei Kauai Buoy Kilo Nalu
Pat Caldwell – NWS
Island swell shadow lines for Kauai
Island swell shadow lines for Oahu
Island swell shadow lines for Maui
Island swell shadow lines for Big Island

NOAA Wave Model – animated
Oceanweather wave model
Lajolla Swell Model – animated
Stormsurf wave Model – animated

2014 Hawaiian Tide Information

I want to thank all of the Hawaii Weather Today surf report team for all those years of reporting on the TV weather show…which is now finished: Ole Olson on Kauai; Kaleo Ohina, Ian Masterson and Kyle Stanford on Oahu; Steven Mark, Mike Napier, Ken Potts and Ron Busby on Maui…and finally David Hume on the Big Island. Thanks to Mr. Pat Caldwell on Oahu for his continuing excellent surf forecast skills. ~~~ Steven Mark continues to send me daily surf reports for Hookipa Beach Park here on Maui.