Air Temperatures – The following maximum temperatures (F) were recorded across the state of Hawaii Sunday along with the low temperatures Monday:

80 – 65  Lihue, Kauai
77 – 67  Honolulu, Oahu
79 – 70  Molokai AP
8070  Kahului AP, Maui
80 – 68  Kailua Kona
8067  Hilo AP, Hawaii

Here are the latest 24-hour precipitation totals (in inches) for each of the islands as of Monday afternoon:

0.14  Waialae, Kauai
1.17  Hawaii Kai,
0.26  Molokai
5  Lanai
0.39  Kahoolawe
1.83  Kula 1, Maui
6.99  Saddle Quarry, Big Island

The following numbers represent the strongest wind gusts (mph) as of Monday afternoon:

12  Waimea Heights, Kauai
13  Makua Ridge, Oahu

10  Lanai

13  Kahoolawe
16  Kaupo Gap, Maui

22  Kaloko-Honokohau, Big Island

Hawaii’s MountainsHere’s a link to the live webcam on the summit of our tallest mountain Mauna Kea (nearly 13,800 feet high) on the Big Island of Hawaii. This webcam is available during the daylight hours here in the islands, and at night whenever there’s a big moon shining down. Also, at night you will be able to see the stars — and the sunrise and sunset too — depending upon weather conditions.

Aloha Paragraphs
A slow improvement is on tap over the next few days
A trough of low pressure remains near Kauai…although its influence is gradually diminishing
Partly to mostly cloudy…with most of the heavier showers now offshore to the northeast of Maui County and the Big Island
Showers are backing off –
Looping radar image

Flash Flood Watch…Maui County and the Big Island

Wind Advisory…Big Island Summits

Hawaii Weather Narrative



Our winds will remain generally quite light…from the trade wind direction into Thursday. Here’s the latest weather map, showing our primary high pressure system far northeast of Hawaii, along with a second high pressure cell far north. The winds remain on the light side, which will continue through most of this new week. As a change of pace, we’ll see the return of light trade winds today into Thursday. They will be light enough that daytime onshore sea breezes will occur…along with offshore blowing land breezes during the nights. 

Here’s a wind profile of the offshore waters around the islands – and a closer look

Showers will be hit and miss today…thanks to a low pressure trough lingering near the state. We’ll find lots of moisture available for afternoon showers, especially over the eastern islands through the next couple of days. As this recent rainy episode finally shifts eastward, Kauai and Oahu will actually see some decent sunshine today, at least here and there. Maui County will enjoy some sunny periods today as well…with the Big Island not too far behind.

Weather models show another upper level trough of low pressure developing west of the islands…during the middle part of this new week. These models show deep southerly and southeasterly winds drawing tropical moisture back into the area again Thursday through Friday. Some of the models continue to suggest this potential wet weather could extend on into the weekend…although its still early to know for sure what the weather will be doing then.

Marine environment details: The Hanalei, Kauai buoy shows a subsiding trend in the seas and northwest swell.

The Small Craft Advisory (SCA) has been extended for another 12 hours to 6 pm HST this evening, although the area has been reduced to waters around Kauai only.

No large swells are expected during the next six days…meaning surf will remain below High Surf Advisory levels.


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Heavy showers might erupt this afternoon over the eastern islands…although conditions seem to be improving to some degree, especially over the western islands


World-wide tropical cyclone activity…with storms showing up when active

>>> Atlantic Ocean: The 2016 hurricane season has ended

Here’s a satellite image of the Atlantic Ocean

>>> Caribbean: The 2016 hurricane season has ended

>>> Gulf of Mexico: The 2016 hurricane season has ended

Here’s a satellite image of the Caribbean Sea…and the Gulf of Mexico

Here’s the link to the National Hurricane Center (NHC)

>>> Eastern Pacific: The 2016 hurricane season has ended

Here’s a wide satellite image that covers the entire area between Mexico, out through the central Pacific…to the International Dateline.

Here’s the link to the National Hurricane Center (NHC)

Central Pacific
: The 2016 hurricane season has ended

Here’s a link to the Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC)

>>> Northwest Pacific Ocean: No active tropical cyclones

South Pacific Ocean:
No active tropical cyclones

North and South Indian Oceans / Arabian Sea:
No active tropical cyclones

Here’s a link to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)

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Toxic air is responsible for an estimated 3 million premature deaths each year, according to recent research by the World Health Organization.

While diesel engines burn fuel more efficiently and therefore release less carbon dioxide, they do produce nitrogen dioxide and particulates that can inflame and damage people’s lungs.

“Mayors have already stood up to say that climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face,” said Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris.

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